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Studying at LU

Why take Lingnan's Taught Postgraduate Programmes?

  • Acquire a broad-based knowledge while specialising in your chosen field
  • Benefit from a whole-person education which stresses personal development
  • Develop transferable skills to succeed in a wide range of professions
  • Learn about your chosen discipline through cross-cultural interaction and global exchange
  • Experience learning through participating in international research events
  • Take advantage of internships in Hong Kong, mainland China, and overseas
  • Examine the world from comparative and international perspectives
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Lingnan launches new Master of Science in Health Analytics and Management

Working in collaboration, the Faculty of Business and School of Graduate Studies have launched a new, timely HAM programme, which integrates theories and methods of healthcare and management, with the use of a variety of data analysis and modelling tools.

Lingnan launches Doctor of Business Administration in Global Digital Economy and Governance

With the academic support of Tsinghua University, Lingnan University introduces the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programme in Global Digital Economy and Governance, to broaden the horizons and vision of senior executives and top-tier professionals with doctoral-level training.

Lingnan University and National Chengchi University co-launch Dual Doctoral Degree Programme

Lingnan University and National Chengchi University (NCCU) jointly run a Dual Degree of Doctor of Policy Studies (DPS) and PhD of Education Policy/Administration, leveraging the outstanding academics and researchers from the two leading universities in Asia to provide research training for students with international and comparative perspectives. Students can be awarded two doctoral degrees in just 3-4 years.

Lingnan launches Master of Cities and Governance (Environment and Sustainability)

The new Concentration in Environment and Sustainability offered by the School of Graduate Studies’ Master of Cities and Governance programme focuses on sustainability and emerging environmental problems. The concentration aims to equip students with the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills they need to critically examine environmental and social issues, such as climate change, sustainable urban development, and social equality.


The Liberal Arts University in Hong Kong

Liberal Arts and Cross-disciplinary Curriculum

Close Faculty-Student Relationship

Vibrant and Residential Campus

Abundant Global Learning Opportunities

Community Serving for Positive Changes

Liberal Arts and Cross-disciplinary Curriculum
Letter to Lingnanians
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Master of Cultural Studies 2022-2023
2022/23 Undergraduate Programmes Mainland JEE (Gao Kao) Admission
Direct Admission Undergraduate Programmes 2022/23
Master of Science in Work and Organisational Psychology
Non-local Student Scholarships 2022/23
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